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A blink or a wink? Cross-Cultural Communication

Culture and communication mutually influence and condition each other (Keesling, 1974). Productive/efficient communication is a very complex and demanding process, even between people with the same background. Hence cross-cultural communication is indeed more challenging than intra-cultural communication and conditioned by a series factors. Today’s increasingly cultural diverse and globalized world creates the need for effective […]

Real Trade Volume?

Real Trade Volume?

Our research interest lies in identifying the sources of trade that are not listed in international statistics, researching methods to estimate the real trade volume, understanding the proportion of unregistered trade volumes understanding the importance of different unregistered trade movements by category and country and ultimately identify the winners and losers.   Why are we […]

The Effect of Antidumping Initiations

What are antidumping procedures? WTO-sanctioned procedures, which have served as the basis for most domestic legislations on antidumping dating back to the days of the GATT, follow the subsequent logic.  Domestic firms can complain to their governments’ relevant authority that they have been injured by a foreign company that dumped its products in the domestic […]