Business Playbook

“My life’s like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat.” Dr. DRE published in 1999, remastered in 2011, sealed into human history in 2022

As businesses, we aim to create our trajectories aligned with the curves of the business cycle so we imprint our legacies. Understanding and determining our stories enables us to center our identities, determine our future destinies and to making informed decisions because they reflect our values.

The Business Playbook contains the firm’s policies, practices and principles expressed in the funding/growth narrative, a thorough and realistic financial plan, a pitch deck and other documents based on existing company documents and interviews with internal and external key stakeholders.

The most important audience for our Business Playbooks is none other than ourselves. We need to remember the story, the root, the reason we run our businesses, no matter how challenging or riveting the times.

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