We believe in entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups and scientists with innovative ideas. Our funding strategies together with your disruptive innovation, strong team, convincing track record, EU impact and timing can lead to winning in this extremely competitive program.

Our writing experts specialize in several EU programs such us the EIC, FTI, ERASMUS and EUROSTARS.

    What is your existing innovative solution or new idea you are working on?

    Who is your closest competitor? What makes your product stand out in comparison to that competitor?

    How are you protecting your innovation? Patents, copyrights, trademarks, other?

    What is your mission/vision? Estimated 2019 and 2020 revenues?

    Please paste the Linkedin links (or other public profiles) of the key team members.

    Who are your clients that pay for your solution? Which industries are they in? Who would be your dream clients?

    In which countries do you have paying clients?

    What is your revenue model? How do you charge and how much?

    Are your customers also your end-users? If not, who are your end-users?

    What are the larger impacts on Europe – environment, social, economic, inclusion, etc.?

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