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Sustainable high-throughput production processes for stable lithium metal anodes for next generation batteries (Batt4EU Partnership)

Post-Li-ion technologies and relevant manufacturing techniques for mobility applications (Generation 5) (Batt4EU Partnership)

Size & weight reduction of cell and packaging of batteries system, integrating lightweight and functional materials, innovative thermal management and safe and sustainable by design approach (Batt4EU Partnership)

Accelerated multi-physical and virtual testing for battery aging, reliability and safety evaluation (Batt4EU Partnership)

Digital tools for CSP and solar thermal plants

Development of next generation synthetic renewable fuel technologies

Development of smart concepts of integrated energy driven bio-refineries for co-production of advanced biofuels, bio-chemicals and biomaterials

Critical technologies for the future ocean energy farms

PV-integrated electric mobility applications

Innovative, Community-Integrated PV systems

Resource Efficiency of PV in Production, Use and Disposal

Minimisation of environmental, and optimisation of socio-economic impacts in the deployment, operation and decommissioning of offshore wind farms

Demonstrations of innovative floating wind concepts

Market Uptake Measures of renewable energy systems

CCU for the production of fuels

DACCS and BECCS for CO2 removal/negative emissions

Industrialisation of sustainable and circular deep renovation workflows (Built4People Partnership)

Robotics and other automated solutions for construction, renovation and maintenance in a sustainable built environment (Built4People Partnership)

BIM-based processes and digital twins for facilitating and optimising circular energy renovation (Built4People Partnership)

Design for adaptability, re-use and deconstruction of buildings, in line with the principles of circular economy (Built4People Partnership)

Digital solutions to foster participative design, planning and management of buildings, neighbourhoods and urban districts (Built4People Partnership)

Centralised, reliable, cyber-secure & upgradable invehicle electronic control architectures for CCAM connected to the cloud-edge continuum (CCAM Partnership)

Scenario-based safety assurance of CCAM and related HMI in a dynamically evolving transport system (CCAM Partnership)

Orchestration of heterogeneous actors in mixed traffic within the CCAM ecosystem (CCAM Partnership)

AI for advanced and collective perception and decision making for CCAM applications (CCAM Partnership)

Robust Knowledge and Know-How transfer for Key Deployment Pathways and implementation of the EU-CEM (CCAM Partnership)

Optimising multimodal network and traffic management, harnessing data from infrastructures, mobility of passengers and freight transport

Scaling up logistics innovations supporting freight transport decarbonisation in an affordable way

Improved transport infrastructure performance – Innovative digital tools and solutions to monitor and improve the management and operation of transport infrastructure

Policies and governance shaping the future transport and mobility systems

Ensuring the safety, resilience and security of waterborne digital systems

Effects of disruptive changes in transport: towards resilient, safe and energy efficient mobility

A new framework to improve traffic safety culture in the EU

ERA Fellowships

Increasing the availability and use of non-contentious inputs in organic farming

Sustainable organic food innovation labs: reinforcing the entire value chain

Tools to increase the effectiveness of EU import controls for plant health

Tackling outbreaks of plant pests

Animal nutritional requirements and nutritional value of feed under different production management conditions

Minimising climate impact on fisheries: mitigation and adaptation solutions for future climate regimes

Minimising climate impact on aquaculture: mitigation and adaptation solutions for future climate regimes

Expanding Academia-Enterprise Collaborations

Mutual learning and support scheme for national and regional innovation programmes



Biodegradable polymers for sustainable packaging materials (IA)

Advanced biomaterials for the Health Care (IA)

Bio-intelligent manufacturing industries (Made in Europe Partnership) (RIA)

Enhanced assessment, intervention and repair of civil engineering infrastructure (RIA)

Hop-on Facility

ERA Talents

Interoperability for border and maritime surveillance and situational awareness

Advanced user-friendly, compatible, secure identity and travel document management

Integrated risk-based border control that mitigates public security risk, reduces false positives and strengthens privacy

Detection and tracking of illegal and trafficked goods

Approaches and tools for security in software and hardware development and assessment

Post-quantum cryptography transition

Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of chemical, biological and radiological threats to agricultural production, feed and food processing, distribution and consumption

Harmonised / Standard protocols for the implementation of alert and impact forecasting systems as well as transnational emergency management in the areas of high-impact weather / climatic and geological disasters

Hi-tech capacities for crisis response and recovery after a natural-technological (NaTech) disaster

Cost-effective sustainable technologies and crisis management strategies for RN large-scale protection of population and infrastructures after a nuclear blast or nuclear facility incident

Mitigating new threats and adapting investigation strategies in the era of Internet of Things

Open topic

Lawful evidence collection in online child sexual abuse investigations, including undercover

Radicalisation and gender

CBRN-E detection capacities in small architecture

Tracing of cryptocurrencies transactions related to criminal purposes

Resilient and secure urban planning and new tools for EU territorial entities

Advanced real-time data analysis used for infrastructure resilience

Demand-led innovation through public procurement

Accelerating uptake through open proposals for advanced SME innovation







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