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Partnership for Excellence - Centres of Vocational Excellence

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

Films on the Move

Development of near zero-emission biomass heat and/or CHP including carbon capture

Novel thermal energy storage for CSP

Industrial manufacturing for lower-cost solar thermal components and systems

Innovative components and configurations for heat pumps

Advanced exploration technologies for geothermalresources in a wide range of geological settings

Smart use of geothermal electricity and heating and cooling in the energy system

Development of next generation advanced biofuel technologies

Development of microalgae and/or direct solar fuel production and purification technologies for advanced aviation and /or shipping fuels

Demonstration of sustainable hydropower refurbishment

Development of innovative power take-off and control systems for wave energy devices

Advanced concepts for crystalline Silicon technology

Large Area Perovskite solar cells and modules

Operation, Performance and Maintenance of PV Systems

Digital twin for forecasting of power production to wind energy demand

Critical technologies to improve the lifetime, efficient decommissioning and increase the circularity of offshore and onshore wind energy systems

Accelerating the green transition and energy access in Africa

Innovative uses of lifecycle data for the management of buildings and buildings portfolios (Built4People Partnership)

Solutions for the identification of vulnerable buildings and people-centric built environment, and for improving their resilience in disruptive events and altered conditions in a changing climate (Built4People Partnership)

Demonstrate built-environment decarbonisation pathways through bottom-up technological, social and policy innovation for adaptive integrated sustainable renovation solutions (Built4People Partnership)

Fast-tracking and promoting built environment construction and renovation innovation with local value chains (Built4People Partnership)

Supporting the creation of an accessible and inclusive built environment (Built4People Partnership)

User-centric development of vehicle technologies and solutions to optimise the on-board experience and ensure inclusiveness (CCAM Partnership)

Generation of scenarios for development, training, virtual testing and validation of CCAM systems (CCAM Partnership)

Infrastructure-enabled solutions for improving the continuity or extension of Operational Design Domains (ODDs) (CCAM Partnership)

Integrating European diversity in the design, development and implementation of CCAM solutions to support mobility equity (CCAM Partnership)

CCAM effects on jobs and education, plans for skills that match the CCAM development, and prerequisites for employment growth (CCAM Partnership)

Zero-emission e-commerce and freight delivery and return choices by retailers, consumers and local authorities

Operational automation to support multimodal freighttransport

Future-proof GHG and environmental emissions factors for accounting emissions from transport and logistics operations

Climate resilient and safe maritime ports

Better infrastructure safety on urban and secondary rural roads throughout a combination of adaptable monitoring and maintenance solutions

Aviation safety - Uncertainty quantification for safety and risk management

New ways of reducing serious injuries and the longterm consequences of road crashes

Support for dissemination events in the field ofTransport Research

Associating Ukrainian cities to the Climate-neutral and smart cities Mission

ERA Fellowships

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility - Unit Contributions

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility - Works - LNG

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility - Works - Zero Emissions

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility - Unit Contributions

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility - Works - LNG

Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Facility - Works - Zero Emissions

Towards a holistic support to children and adolescents’ health and care provisions in an increasingly digital society

Personalised prevention of non- communicable diseases - addressing areas of unmet needs using multiple data sources

The role of environmentalpollution in non-communicable diseases: air, noise and light and hazardous wastepollution

Comparative effectiveness researchfor healthcare interventions in areas of high public health need

Pandemic preparedness andresponse: Adaptive platform trials for pandemic preparedness

Validation of fluid-derivedbiomarkers for the prediction and prevention of brain disorders

Tackling high-burden for patients,under-researched medical conditions

Access to health and care services forpeople in vulnerable situations

Innovative non-animal human-basedtools and strategies for biomedical research

Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions increasing climate resilience of the agriculture and/or forestry sector.

Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to protect critical infrastructure from climate change, mainstreaming nature based solutions.

Testing and demonstrating transformative solutions to build resilience towards health risks caused by the effects of climate change

European Blue Parks – Protection and restoration of marine habitats

Danube river basin lighthouse – Demonstration of effective and sustainable management of sediments in the Danube river-Black sea system

Atlantic and Arctic sea basin lighthouse – Addressing climate change and human activities threats to marine biodiversity

European natural lakes: demonstration of integrated approaches for protection and restoration of natural lake ecosystems and their biodiversity

Lighthouse in the Baltic and the North Sea basins - Lighthouse in the Baltic and the North Sea basins - Green and energy-efficient small-scale fishing fleets

Cross-basin topic - Innovative nature-inclusive concepts to reconcile offshore renewables with ocean protection

Cross-basin topic - Analysis of the obstacles and opportunities for repurposing aged/unused offshore infrastructures

Integration of socio-ecological models into the Digital Twin Ocean

Roadmap towards the integration of inland waters into the Digital Twin Ocean

Choose your fish: a campaign for responsible consumption of products from the sea

Ocean & water and arts: the contribution of creative sectors to Mission Ocean and waters

Discovering the subsoil

Soil pollution processes – modelling and inclusion in advanced digital decision-support tools

Onsite digital technologies to monitor nutrients and chemical or biological stressors in soil and plants with relevance for food safety and nutrition

Innovations to prevent and combat desertification

Soil-friendly practices in horticulture, includingalternative growing media

Soils in spatial planning

Back to earth: bringing communities and citizenscloser to soil

Co-creating solutions for soil health in Living Labs

Carbon farming in living labs

Mission Climate adaptation, Mission Ocean & waters and Mission Soil Deal for Europe – Joint demonstration of anintegrated approach to increasing landscape water retention capacity at regional scale

Mission Ocean and Waters and Mission A Soil Deal for Europe – Joint demonstration of approaches and solutions to address nutrient pollution in the landscape-river-sea system in the Mediterranean sea basin


A European Collaborative Cloudfor Cultural Heritage

A European Collaborative Cloudfor Cultural Heritage – Innovative tools for digitising cultural heritage objects

Stimulating Experimentation Practices

Specialist Advisory Services to build capacities on innovation procurement

Twinning Bottom-Up

Twinning Green Deal

Pathways to Synergies

Dissemination and Exploitation Support Facility

Hop-on Facility

Increasing the efficiency of innovative static energyconversion devices for electricity and heat/cold generation

Integration of renewable gases, other than hydrogen or methane, and which have not access to gas grids and interfacing with electricity and heat sectors

System approach for grid planning and upgrade insupport of a dominant electric mobility (vehicles and vessels) using AI tools

Digital tools for enhancing the uptake of digitalservices in the energy market

Creation of a standardised and open-source peer-topeer energy sharing platform architecture for the energy sector

Components and interfacing for AC & DC side protection system – AC & DC grid: components and systems for grid optimisation

Processing of large, complex and unstructured datasets resulting from criminal investigations, while reconciling big data analysis anddata protection

A harmonized European forensics approach on drugs analysis

New methods and technologies in service of community policing and transferable best practices

Open topic

Crime as a service

Enhancing tools and capabilities to fight advanced forms of cyber threats and cyber-dependent crimes

Capabilities for border surveillance and situational awareness

Identify, inspect, neutralise Unexploded Ordnance(UXO) at sea

Beyond the state-of-the-art “biometrics on the move”for border checks

Interoperability of systems and equipment at tactical evel; between equipment and databases; and/or between databases of threats andmaterials

Facilitating strategic cooperation to ensure the provision of essential services

Supporting operators against cyber and non-cyber threats to reinforce the resilience of critical infrastructures

Secure Computing Continuum (IoT, Edge, Cloud, Dataspaces)

Privacy-preserving and identity management technologies

Security of robust AI systems

Improving social and societal preparedness for disaster response and health emergencies

Operability and standardisation in response to biological toxin incidents

Internationally coordinated networking of training centres for the validation and testing of CBRN-E tools and technologies in case of incidents, with consideration of human factors

Robotics: Autonomous or semi-autonomous UGVsystems to supplement skills for use in hazardous environments

Increased technology solutions, institutional coordination and decision-support systems for first responders of last-kilometer emergency service delivery

Open grounds for pre-commercial procurement of innovative security technologies

Accelerating uptake through open proposals for advanced SME innovation

Alternative equipment and processes for advancedmanufacturing of PV technologies

Low-power PV

Demonstration of improved intermediate renewableenergy carrier technologies for transport fuels

Improvement of light harvesting and carbon fixation with synthetic biology and/or bio-inspired//biomimetic pathways for renewable direct solar fuels production