Call Deadlines


Alternative equipment and processes for advanced manufacturing of PV technologies

Low-power PV

Demonstration of improved intermediate renewable energy carrier technologies for transport fuels

Improvement of light harvesting and carbon fixation with synthetic biology and/or bio-inspired//biomimetic pathways for renewable direct solar fuels production

Development of carbon fixation technologies for biogenic flue gases

Innovative applications/integration of geothermal heating and cooling in industry

Development of hydropower equipment for improving techno-economic efficiency and equipment resilience in refurbishment situations

Demonstration of sustainable wave energy farms

Africa-EU CO-FUND action

Next generation of renewable energy technologies

AI Testing and Experimentation Facility (TEF) for the energy sector – bringing technology to the market

Energy Management Systems for flexibility services

DC and AC/DC hybrid transmission and distribution systems

Condition & Health Monitoring in Power Electronics (PE) - Wide Band Gap PE for the energy sector

HVAC, HVDC and High-Power cable systems

Demonstration of innovative pumped storage equipment and tools in combination with innovative storage management systems

Development and integration of advanced software tools in SCADA systems for High, Medium and Low voltage AC/DC hybrid systems

Improved prediction, detection, and treatment approaches for comprehensive stroke management

Development and proof of principle of new clinical applications of theranostics solutions

Maximising the potential of synthetic data generation in healthcare applications

Accelerating the implementation of New Approach Methodologies and other innovative non-animal approaches for the development, testing and production of health technologies



Protest politics and cultures of opposition in democracy

Multilevel governance in times of digital and climate transitions

What is the long-term impact of rule of law and other European values on socio-economic outcomes?

The interrelation between social, cultural and political identities, as well as the sense of belonging, and democracies

Gender-roles in extremist movements and their impact on democracy

Computational Social Science approaches in research on democracy

Digital democracy

Culture, the arts and cultural spaces for democratic participation and political expression, online and offline

The role and functioning of public administrations in democratic systems

Political participation in multilingual spaces

Future scenarios and young visions for European democracy 2040

Testing and implementation of research results fostering democracy and governance

New European Bauhaus – Innovative solutions for greener and fairer ways of life through arts and culture, architecture and design for all

Cultural and creative industries for a sustainable climate transition

Leverage the digital transition for competitive European cultural and creative industries

Europe’s cultural heritage and arts – promoting our values at home and abroad

Strategies to strengthen the European linguistic capital in a globalised world

Exploration of critical raw materials in deep land deposits (RIA)

Technologies for processing and refining of critical raw materials (IA)

Rare Earth and magnets innovation hubs (IA)

Addressing due diligence requirements in raw materials supply chains. (CSA)

Technologies for extraction and processing of critical raw materials (IA)

Development of safe and sustainable by design alternatives (IA)

Innovate to transform' support for SME's sustainability transition (CSA)

Bio-intelligent manufacturing industries (Made in Europe Partnership) (RIA)

Manufacturing as a Service: Technologies for customised, flexible, and decentralised production on demand (Made in Europe Partnership) (RIA)

Technologies/solutions to support circularity for manufacturing (Made in Europe Partnership) (RIA)

Enhanced assessment, intervention and repair of civil engineering infrastructure (RIA)

Optimisation of thermal energy flows in the process industry (Processes4Planet partnership) (IA)

Renewable hydrogen used as feedstock in innovative production routes (Processes4Planet Partnership) (RIA)

Turning CO2 emissions from the process industry to feedstock (Processes4Planet partnership) (IA)

Hubs for circularity for industrialised urban peripheral areas (Processes4Planet partnership) (IA)

Breakthroughs to improve process industry resource efficiency (Processes4Planet partnership) (RIA)

Digital transformation and ensuring a better use of industrial data, which can optimise steel supply chains (Clean Steel Partnership) (IA)

CO2-neutral steel production with hydrogen, secondary carbon carriers and electricity OR innovative steel applications for low CO2 emissions (Clean Steel Partnership) (RIA)

Copernicus for Land and Water

Copernicus for Security

Quantum Space Gravimetry Phase-B study & Technology Maturation

Space technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness

Invasive alien species

Digital for nature

Dependence of society and the economy on pollinators

Biodiversity, economics and finance: Understanding macro-financial risks associated with biodiversity loss

Transformative action of policy mixes, governance and digitalisation addressing biodiversity loss

Promoting pollinator friendly farming systems

Reintroduction of landscape features in intensive agricultural areas

Conservation and protection of carbon-rich and biodiversity-rich forest ecosystems

Selective breeding programme for organic aquaculture

Circular Cities and Regions Initiative’s project development assistance (CCRI-PDA)

Targeting aquatic extremophiles for sourcing novel enzymes, drugs, metabolites and chemicals

Circular solutions for textile value chains based on extended producer responsibility

Innovative circular solutions for furniture

Systemic circular solutions for a sustainable tourism

Programmed biodegradation capability of biobased materials and products, validated in specific environments

Digital information systems for bio-based products

Demonstrating the fair and just transition from GHG-intensive economies facing challenges towards circular bioeconomy model regions

Bioeconomy project development assistance

Circular bioeconomy start-up villages

Improving irrigation practices and technologies in agriculture

Socio-economic, climate and environmental aspects of paludiculture

Paludiculture: large-scale demonstrations

Land use change and local / regional climate

Climate-smart use of wood in the construction sector to support the New European Bauhaus

Ocean models for seasonal to decadal regional climate impacts and feedbacks

EU-China international cooperation on improving monitoring for better integrated climate and biodiversity approaches, using environmental and Earth observation

Unlock the potential of the New European Bauhaus in urban food system transformation

Societal perceptions and benefits of rural life and jobs: will COVID 19 generate a long-lasting shift?

Participation and empowerment of Arctic coastal, local, and indigenous communities in environmental decision-making

Agro-pastoral/outdoor livestock systems and wildlife management

EU-African Union cooperation on agroforestry management for climate change adaptation and mitigation

EU-African Union – towards climateneutral, social just fair trade food systems

New healthy and sustainable food products and processes

Thematic network tackling food fraud by translating research and innovation into practice

Climate change and food safety: effects of climate change on food safety across food systems

Creating smart and attractive tools to enhance healthy and sustainable food provision, eating and treating of food at home

Citizens’ science as an opportunity to foster the transition to sustainable food systems

Impact of the development of novel foods based on alternative sources of proteins

Preventing and reducing food waste to reduce environmental impacts and to help reach 2030 climate targets

Microbiome for flavour and texture in the organoleptic dietary shift

Increasing the availability and use of non-contentious inputs in organic farming

Sustainable organic food innovation labs: reinforcing the entire value chain

Tools to increase the effectiveness of EU import controls for plant health

Tackling outbreaks of plant pests

Animal nutritional requirements and nutritional value of feed under different production management conditions

Minimising climate impact on fisheries: mitigation and adaptation solutions for future climate regimes

Minimising climate impact on aquaculture: mitigation and adaptation solutions for future climate regimes

Demonstrating how regions can operate within safe ecological and regional nitrogen and phosphorus boundaries

Best available techniques to recover or recycle fertilising products from secondary raw materials

Environmental impacts of food systems

Additional activities for the European Partnership for a climate neutral, sustainable and productive Blue Economy

Organic farming thematic networks to compile and share knowledge ready for practice

Biodiversity thematic networks to compile and share knowledge ready for practice

Developing EU advisory networks on forestry

Developing EU advisory networks on sustainable livestock systems

Regional ecosystems of innovation to foster food system transformation

The role of mainstream media, social media and marketing in fostering healthy and sustainable consumption patterns and how to encourage good practices

Supporting the All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance and Declaration

Customisation/pre-operationalisation of prototypes end-user services in the area Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Develop innovative applications to support the European Green Deal, building on meteorological satellite data

Enhancing working conditions and strengthening the work force through digital and data technologies – the potential of robotics and augmented reality in agriculture

Broaden EIP Operational Group outcomes across borders by means of thematic networks to compile and share knowledge ready for practice

Thematic networks to compile and share knowledge ready for practice

Enhanced quantification and understanding of natural and anthropogenic methane emissions and sinks

Inland ice, including snow cover, glaciers, ice sheets and permafrost, and their interaction with climate change

Paleoclimate science for a better understanding of the short- to long-term evolution of the Earth system

Improved toolbox for evaluating the climate and environmental impacts of trade policies

Next generation low-emission, climate-resilient pathways and NDCs for a future aligned with the Paris Agreement

The role of climate change foresight for primary and secondary raw materials supply

Quantification of the role of key terrestrial ecosystems in the carbon cycle and related climate effects

Strategic Integrated Projects - Climate Action

Strategic Integrated Projects - Environment

Excellence Hubs

ERA Chairs

Research infrastructure concept development

Strengthen the bilateral cooperation on research infrastructures with Africa

Consolidation of the RI landscape – Individual support for evolution, long term sustainability and emerging needs of pan-European research infrastructures

FAIR and open data sharing in support of the mission adaptation to climate change

Supporting the EOSC Partnership in further consolidating the coordination and sustainability of the EOSC ecosystem

Enabling a network of EOSC federated and trustworthy repositories and enhancing the framework of generic and discipline specific services for data and other research digital objects

Long-term access and preservation infrastructure development for EOSC, including data quality aspects

Innovative and customizable services for EOSC Exchange

R&D for the next generation of scientific instrumentation, tools, methods, solutions for RI upgrade

Development of tools, solutions, modules to enable R&I on the social aspects of the green transition

New digital twins for Destination Earth

AR/VR-empowered digital twins for modelling complex phenomena in new RI application areas

Programme level collaboration between national R&I policy-makers

Emerging needs of the ERA Policy Agenda

Support for the professionalisation of research management

Strengthening researchers’ skills for better careers – leveraging the European Competence Framework for Researchers

Experimentation and exchange of good practices for value creation

European Excellence Initiative: Acceleration services in support of universities

Capacity building on Intellectual Property (IP) management to support open science

Global cooperation in not-for-profit open access publishing

Support to the development and implementation of policies and practices for reproducibility of scientific results

Policy coordination to support all aspects of inclusive Gender Equality Plans and policies in the ERA

Support to the implementation of inclusive gender equality plans

Next generation AI and Human Behaviour: promoting an ethical approach

AI-driven data operations and compliance technologies (AI, data and robotics partnership) (IA)

Piloting emerging Smart IoT Platforms and decentralized intelligence (IA)

Platform Building, standardisation and Up-scaling of the ‘Cloud-Edge-IoT’ Solutions (Horizontal Activities - CSA)

Novel paradigms and approaches, towards AI-powered robots– step change in functionality (AI, data and robotics partnership) (RIA)

Industrial leadership in AI, Data and Robotics boosting competitiveness and the green transition (AI Data and Robotics Partnership)

Open Source for Cloud/Edge to support European Digital Autonomy (RIA)

Fundamentals of Software Engineering (RIA)

Public recognition scheme for Open Source (CSA)

Pilot line(s) for 2D materials-based devices (RIA)

Synergy with national and regional initiatives in Europe (CSA)

Stimulating transnational research and development of next generation quantum technologies, including basic theories and components (Cascading grant with FSTP)

Quantum sensing and metrology for market uptake (IA)

Smart photonics for joint communication & sensing and access everywhere (Photonics Partnership) (RIA)

Photonics Innovation Factory for Europe (Photonics Partnership) (IA)

Explainable and Robust AI (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) (RIA)

Collaborative intelligence – combining the best of machine and human (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) (RIA)

Support for transnational activities of National Contact Points in the thematic areas of Digital, Industry and Space (CSA)

Facilitate the engagement in global ICT standardisation development (CSA)

Access to health and care services for people in vulnerable situations

Comparative effectiveness research for healthcare interventions in areas of high public health need

Pandemic preparedness and response: Adaptive platform trials for pandemic preparedness

Validation of fluid-derived biomarkers for the prediction and prevention of brain disorders

Tackling high-burden for patients, under-researched medical conditions

Pandemic preparedness and response: Maintaining the European partnership for pandemic preparedness

Pandemic preparedness and response: Hostpathogen interactions of infectious diseases with epidemic potential

European Partnership: One Health AntiMicrobial Resistance

The role of environmental pollution in non-communicable diseases: air, noise and light and hazardous waste pollution

Developing EU methodological frameworks for clinical/performance evaluation and post-market clinical/performance follow-up of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs)

Gaining experience and confidence in New Approach Methodologies (NAM) for regulatory safety and efficacy testing – coordinated training and experience exchange for regulators

Towards a holistic support to children and adolescents’ health and care provisions in an increasingly digital society

Personalised prevention of non- communicable diseases - addressing areas of unmet needs using multiple data sources

Innovative non-animal human-based tools and strategies for biomedical research

Bio-printing of living cells for regenerative medicine



Advanced sustainable and safe pre-processing technologies for End-of-Life (EoL) battery recycling (Batt4EU Partnership)

Non-Li Sustainable Batteries with European Supply Chains for Stationary Storage (Batt4EU Partnership)

Development of technical and business solutions to optimise the circularity, resilience, and sustainability of the European battery value chain (Batt4EU Partnership)

Emerging energy technologies for a climate-neutral Europe

Low-disruptive renovation processes using integration of prefabricated solutions for energy-efficient buildings

Smart grid-ready buildings

Alternative heating systems for efficient, flexible and electrified heat generation in industry

Smart, low-cost pervasive stationary slow charging and bi-directional solutions synergic with the grid for EV mass deployment (2ZERO Partnership)

Integration and testing of next generation post-800V electric powertrains (2ZERO Partnership)

Advanced battery system integration for next generation vehicles (2ZERO Partnership)

Integrated flexible multipoint megawatt charging systems for electric truck mass deployment (2ZERO Partnership) (2024)

Advanced digital development tools to accelerate the development of software defined vehicles that enable zero-emission mobility (2ZERO Partnership)

New designs, shapes, functionalities of Light Commercial Vehicles (2ZERO Partnership)

Accelerating climate neutral aviation, minimising non-CO2 emissions

Competitiveness and digital transformation in aviation – advancing further composite aerostructures

Impact monitoring of EU Aviation R&I

Towards a flying testbed for European leadership in aviation

Achieving high voltage, low weight, efficient electric powertrains for sustainable waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)

Combining state-of-the-art emission reduction and efficiency improvement technologies in ship design and retrofitting for contributing to the "Fit for 55" package objective by 2030 (ZEWT Partnership)

Demonstration of Technologies to minimise underwater noise generated by waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)

Demonstrating efficient fully DC electric grids within waterborne transport for large ship applications (ZEWT Partnership)

Advanced digitalisation and modelling utilizing operational and other data to support zero emission waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)

Structuring the Waterborne transport sector, including through changed business and industrial models in order to achieve commercial zero-emission waterborne transport (ZEWT Partnership)

Coordinating and supporting the combined activities of member and associated states towards the objectives of the Zero Emission Waterborne Transport partnership so as to increase synergies and impact (ZEWT Partnership)

Assessment of air pollutant emissions from low-carbon fuels in the heavy-duty, aviation, and maritime sectors

Inclusive clinical studies for equitable access to clinical research in Europe

Safe & Sustainable by Design (SSbD) packaging and single use device solutions for healthcare products

Patient-centric blood sample collection to enable decentralised clinical trials and improve access to healthcare

Establishing novel approaches to improve clinical trials for rare and ultra-rare diseases

Expanding translational knowledge in minipigs: a path to reduce and replace non-human primates in non-clinical safety assessment

Sustainable circular development and manufacturing of healthcare products and their quantitative environmental impact assessment

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

Implementing co-funded action plans for connected regional innovation valleys

The African Union-European Union Innovation Platform

Startup Europe

Sustainable high-throughput production processes for stable lithium metal anodes for next generation batteries (Batt4EU Partnership)