Software, Hardware, and Communications Link

Q: Software, Hardware, and Communications Link
The portal shall have opportunity to be installed both on dedicated servers and on the virtual (Cloud).
Response: The portal will the ability to be hosted on a dedicated server as well as on a server in the cloud (virtually)

The portal shall be available on communication links at the speed, at least:
– For internet users – 256 kbps
– For authenticated users – 100Mbps.
Response: The portal will maintain usage speeds of 256 kbps for internal users and 100mbps for authenticated users

The developer shall specify the name of the software platform (CMS) on the basis of which the portal and type of databases necessary for functioning of portal will be developed in the sentence. Also, the developer shall be providing the requirements to hosting infrastructure.
Response: ENKI will use WordPress as the software platform for the basis of the portal

If the platform of the software (CMS, GIS module and databases) used for development and operation of portal is based on the commercial IT solutions demanding purchase of licenses, the developer will include in the sentence delivery of all necessary licenses for development and operation of portal (The developer buys all licenses necessary for development and operation of portal on behalf of the Beneficiary).
Response: ENKI will provide all of the necessary licenses needed for the continued use of the software and the type of usage it provides to users

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