Safety and Protection of the Portal

Q: Safety and Protection of the Portal
A: The portal must report attempts to abusively enter the private area of the portal or to gain unauthorized access to the information.
Response: The security of the portal is highly important and any attempts by outside sites to enter illegally will be identified and reported

The system will be protected from the following vulnerabilities:
Identifier Type Description of the functional requirement
– Cross-site scripting (XSS) and reflected (RXSS)
– Information leakage
– Content spoofing
– Predictable resource location
– SQL injection
– Insufficient authentication
– Insufficient authorization
– Abuse of functionality
– Directory indexing
– HTTP response splitting
– Other known vulnerabilities in the programs used in the development of the platform.
Response: ENKI takes security very seriously. Security protocols will be in place to prevent any outside intrusions from taking place

On interaction of the Portal with other external resources, digital certificates for identification shall be used.
Response: Digital certifications will be provided to the portal and will allow for the ability to see if an external site is potentially a dangerous security risk

The portal shall provide confidentiality of the transmitted data obtained on communication links.
Response: All data communication will be encrypted and will be of the utmost importance to the development team of the portal

Access to the portal is controlled.
Response: Access to the portal will be controlled by firewalls and only authenticated users will be able to access the portal

User actions are logged by portal.
Response: The portal will have the ability to track and monitor all keystrokes of the users to ensure that no one is trying to do something illegally

The portal shall have opportunity to be installed both on dedicated servers and on the virtual (Cloud).
Response: The portal will the ability to be hosted on a dedicated server as well as on a server in the cloud (virtually)

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