Q: Update/publish calendars for departments/categories with a main calendar to display all events
A: It is essential for admins to publish events in a calendar view. In the specific section, the agenda appears as a list of events. Administrators may attach documents or activities to date so that the agenda becomes a chronological program for a variety of activities in common to the subject of each community. In addition to being present in the agenda, the new events are indicated to the participant when he/she logs in the next time. The system shows what has been added to the Agenda (and in the Announcements) since his/her last visit. Icons appear on the website’s home page.
Users may choose from the calendars section from either upcoming events – to obtain information about future planned events – or from archived events to access past events assorted by category. The search functionalities can be used to retrieve previous and forthcoming events by keywords contained in the title or the description of the event.

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