Be visually engaging and capable of full use of multimedia

Q: Be visually engaging and capable of making full use of multimedia (including podcasts, video streaming, digital assets etc.);
In order to create videos online there are two ways:

1) Transform a video file into a FLV file format using Adobe Flash CS3, which means that a valid license is acquired from Adobe. An administrator should import the video in Flash and export it in the specific FLV format then upload it to the server to a specific folder under the CMS.
2) Create a low-resolution version of the video and upload it to a certain environment under the CMS. Administrators upload the low resolution AVI or MPG video to the server and create a reference in order to download the high resolution video.

ENKI’s products are ready to integrate podcasts. Podcasts consist of a series of digital media files, usually digital, audio, or video files. They are made available for download via web syndication. What differentiates podcasts from other files is the syndication aspect of the delivery, which means that podcasts are accessed by simple download or by streaming. This implies that special client software applications known as podcatchers (iTunes, Winamp, etc.) can automatically identify and retrieve new files when they are made available, by accessing a centrally-maintained web feed that lists all files associated with a particular podcast. This allows the users to store the automatically downloaded files locally on her/his computer or other device. The files can then be used offline.

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