April 2020 Newsletter

April 2020 Newsletter

Hope you are all doing well during this time of unprecedented crisis! It could turn into a great opportunity to invest some time to attract public funding.

Are you a start-ups or SMEs and do you develop and scale breakthrough innovations that address The European Green Deal?

Then, you might have a good chance of getting funded within the EIC Accelerator deadline of 19 May 2020. The EC will fund €300 million in the one-off call under the EIC Accelerator to support st least one of the eight goals of The European Green Deal. This will be the largest ever funding round under the EIC pilot and has a deadline for applications of 19 May 2020.

We are looking to expand our network of collaborators, with companies focused in innovation and bringing a positive impact to the EU and increase the possibilities for getting a fund from the H2020 SME Instrument by the European Commission – Phase 2, Fast Track to Innovation and Funding programmes that support research and innovation projects.

Links to open and upcoming calls:

Find out more information at: https://ec.europa.eu/info/research-and-innovation/funding/funding-opportunities/funding-programmes-and-open-calls_en